Hamburg, an industrial and merchant city with 1.8 million inhabitants. It's the second largest city in Germany and the country's primary port on the estuary of the river Elbe. "This Hanseatic city is my goal on a November day on my Ducati 750 Sport (from 1989)."

Visits to custom builders Kaffeemaschine and Ehinger Kraftrad. But also nice discoveries of an old and restored service station and the cargo ship, Cap San Diego.

In terms of athmosphere, I couldn't have asked for more... The sun is setting and there are no clouds on the horizon, creating a blue and orange veil over the busy port to my left. The rivets and screws of the steel frame of the bridge I am crossing draw my attention. This is it... I'm entering a truly industrial city; just the way I like them. A first Porsche overtakes me on the right: I had slowed my pace.