Third Chapter of my journey is dedicated to the city of Lisbon... or better said...
to the people who animates the motorycle scene of Lisbon.

With the perfect city guide, Manuel Portugal, on my side, I rode across the streets of Lisbon in search of that little gem. My curiosity took me further than the city, my interest further than the custom builders. But hey... It's a journey... a way to discover the city and his neighbourhood in a different way. It's not only about something with two-wheels... It's about the spirit.

This issue dives you into the workshop of some of the finest builders of the city. But I started my journey unexpectactly between some gentleman drivers at the Museu Nacional dos Coches. In the second part of the magazine I go with the flow. Some friends of friends... Ending this in front of a beautifully restored Indian Board tracker.

As I discoverd all along my meetings... just 'Stay Gold'. Keep true to yourself, pure and innocent. It's fine to be offbeat.